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Edifier NB2 Pro's review

General Info/Build/Comfort

Edifier is no stranger when it comes to TWS as well as speakers. They offer a budget range all the way to the high end model depending where your budget fits. The model that I have with me today is a mid range TWS, NB2 Pro.

The packaging is very premium looking for the asking price, it came with the charging case, earbuds, storage pouch, as well as the eartips and charging cable, all contained within the premium looking box.

The NB2 Pro itself is very light, its an in ear model and sits quite well in my ears. No discomfort even after a long listening session.


Bluetooth: V5.0 

Bluetooth Protocol: A2DP,AVRCP,HFP, HSP 

Effective Distance: 10m 

Charging port: USB Type-C 

Charging Time: 1 hour (earbuds)/2 hours (charging case) 

Playtime (hours): ANC on: 7 hours (earbuds) + 18 hours (charging case) ANC off: 9 hours (earbuds) + 23 hours (charging case) 

Battery Capacity: 60mAh (earbuds)/500mAh (charging case)

Input: 5V/60mA (earbuds) | 5V/1A (charging case) 

Audio Coding: SBC, AAC

Driver: 10mm dynamic 

Impedence: 24Ω 

Sound Pressure Level: 94±3dBSPL(A) 

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz 

Mircophones: 4 (2 on each) 

Microphone Sensitivity: -38±3dB 

IP Rating: IP54 

Dimension (L x W x H mm): 66.5 x 54.5 x 30.4 mm

Test Equipment

  • Iphone 12 Mini

  • Sony ZX300 Walkman

  • Macbook Air M2

General Features

  • NB2 Pro is customizable via the Edifier’s App

  • Three modes to choose from, Spatial, Game Mode and Normal

  • Spatial offers a slightly expanded soundstage that offers an immersive experience while playing games and watching some Netflix series

  • Game mode reduces the latency, but even without game mode, the latency itself is not bad, tested when im playing KOF on my phone

  • Automatic detection works pretty well and it is quite sensitive as well, you may switch it on or off via the app itself

  • You can customise how much you want to allow the sound to passthrough when you are on Ambient mode

  • Noise Cancellation works quite okay, but of course not the best, decent enough considering the asking price

  • The quick charging feature is neat as it allows me to get back to my session quickly whenever i ran out of juice


  • The sound on NB2 Pro i will describe it as V shaped,bass is punchy and sub bass does rumble whenever it’s called for

  • Mid range is slightly recessed as with most V shaped tuning, Vocal for both male and female has good texture to it and doesn’t sound nasally or thin

  • The highs on NB2 Pro is very lively and energetic, it may even come off as a little hot for some when the volume is being pushed beyond normal listening level

  • Detail retrieval is average at best, but this isn’t a set that’s tuned for critical listening anyway, so that’s totally fine

  • Soundstage is quite good in the sense where it is slight wide and it has got the 3D-ish sense to it, imaging is average

Final Thoughts

All in all, NB2 Pro is a very solid product for its price point, i have the airpod pro and dare I say that you are getting at least 80-90% of sound quality of the airpod pro at a fraction of the price. In terms of the features, they are very nifty considering the asking price, you get quick charging, noise cancellation, ambient mode, game mode, in ear detection and good microphone for call. Overall, highly recommended if you’re on the lookout for a pair of TWS that will not break your bank.

*NB2 pro is kindly sent over by Edifier Malaysia in exchange for this review. I thank them for the opportunity and all thoughts are of my own.

Head over to the official shopee store if you’re interested in getting a pair:

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