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Ikko ITX01 Multifunctional Docking Station Long Term Review


Ikko is a company which needs no introduction among the audiophile community. They have released many well known IEM such as OH10, and the recent models like OH2, and OH1s which i also reviewed and like both of them.

For an audio company to release a docking station, many must be wondering, is this targeted at audiophiles? Or rather the general consumer who is looking to step up from their laptop’s internal soundcard? My opinion is the latter one, why? Let’s find out below.


DAC: SNC 8600

Interface: TypeC to PC ;100W PD TypeC Input*1; DATA TypeC*1;

USB3.2 *3 ; 1* HDMI 4K 60Hz Output; SD ports*1,TF ports*1

Audio Port: 3.5mm Audio Output & 4.4mm Audio Output;

SNR: 100dB

THD: 0.01%

Maximum Output: 64mW

Decoding Ability: PCM 192Khz

Compatibility : Android,IOS,Mac OS,Win10,Win11, PS5,Switch

Equipment Used for Testing ITX01

  • Asus Vivobook S14 (Source)

  • Unique Melody 2HT (IEM)

  • Grado SR125X (Headphone)

  • Effect Audio Axiom (IEM)

Sound (HiFI Mode)

I have been using the unit extensively and on a day to day basis prior to writing this review, hence it took me a while to complete this review.

Let me be clear about one thing before I begin evaluating the sound. ITX01 is not marketed as an audiophile device to begin with, it is marketed as a docking station with a custom DAC built within the docking station to provide a better sound from your laptop.

I tried to search around the web regarding the DAC chip but couldn't really find any information about it. Perhaps it's a custom by Ikko.

ITX01 offers three types of sound mode that you can change on the fly by holding on the touch panel for 1.5 seconds. From HiFI, to movies to gaming mode.

HiFI as the name suggests is for music listening and it does offer a better sound quality compared to if i directly plug my earphone into the laptop 3.5mm jack. The difference is not day and night, but it is definitely audible. ITX01 does offer a 4.4mm jack as well.

The sound from ITX01 is slightly warm to my ears, I do find that the bass is slightly boosted, because playing the same track via the same IEM and different dac, the bass presentation is different, hence i said the bass is slightly boosted.

The note weight on ITX01 is fairly good due to it being slightly warm. Good texture and sounds musical to my ears.

Soundstage and Imaging is fairly average. The soundstage is not too wide nor does it feel very in your head. Imaging is average but when it’s on gaming mode, it is slightly better as it will help with positional audio.

Test Tracks

  • Metallica - Master of Puppets

  • The Weeknd - Gasoline

  • Rage Against the Machine - Killing in The Name

  • Simon and Garfunkel - Sound of Silence

  • Don Caballero - Don Caballero 3

  • Toto - Africa(Live)

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Black Summer

  • Foo Fighters - Everlong

  • Roxette - The Look

  • Zhao Peng - The Moon Represents My Heart

Additional Functionality

In addition to offering a balanced out port, ITX-01 itself is also a docking station. It supports Type C charge through, which allows you to connect your Type C connect into the ITX01 and charge your device that’s connected to it, such as iPad, Macbook or Windows laptop that supports Type C Charging. I have tested it with my iPad Air and the pass-through charging is very useful because the dock itself allows me to connect the iPad Air to external display, also to utilise the 4.4 port for audio and also various USB ports to connect my input peripherals.

FInal Thoughts

Will I recommend this gadget to anyone? Yes, a very easy recommendation in fact. Many of us are currently working from home at the moment, the addition of a docking station at such a price point, not to mention with the inclusion of a custom Dac chip and a 4.4 audio out port, this is definitely a steal and very easy to recommend.

The only gripe that I have with this docking station is that the cable is a flat cable, it is not as flexible as it seems in terms of placement of the ITX-01, but that’s personal preference, not a deal breaker for sure. Even Though it came with a custom dac, the dac is definitely a step up from the internal sound card. If you are looking for a high performance dac/amp for critical listening, this is not the one that you should be looking for.

Game and Movie mode does what it does, nothing spectacular, boosting the soundstage for gaming mode and mids for the vocals in movie mode. These two modes are not meant for music.

If you are interested in getting one, head over to IKKO’s store ITX-01

*Despite receiving this unit for F.O.C, I am not under any influence from IKKO when sharing my review/thoughts about ITX-01, all thoughts are of my own and I do not gain any monetary benefit even if you decide to purchase via the link I shared. (Non-Affiliated)

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