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Rose Technics Aura Evo Review

Updated: Aug 7, 2022


Rose Technics is no stranger in the audiophile community.They are well known for their high end earbuds and also some other flagship grade IEM.I have reviewed their hybrid IEM recently namely the QT9 MK2S and i like it a lot.

Briefly listened to the Aura Evo and I can say the same thing,I like how it sounds.I guess it doesn’t receive much attention due to it having a fixed cable.


If you owned or read some reviews of Rose Technics’s product,you would have known how it is packaged like.It came in a fairly minimal box but it does have a black colored hard case which is similar to QT9’s and three pairs of eartips and the IEM itself.Straight forward and minimal.

The outer shell is made out of aerial aluminium and there the nozzle is plastic i believe,very sturdy overall and doesn’t feel cheap,cable does feel high quality as well,in fact it is similar to the one that’s bundled from QT9 based on how it looks.

In terms of comfort,i can easily sleep with this IEM and during long listening sessions,there isn’t any discomfort as well.


Foobar2k -> TRI TK2 -> Aura Evo

Hidizs AP80Pro-X -> Aura Evo

Foobar2k -> Questyle M15 -> Aura Evo

Sound Impression

Aura Evo has got a V shaped sound profile to my ears,It is a little warm and very easy to listen to,before i delve further,take note that i am not using the stock eartips as the fit is a little shallow and i couldn’t really get a good seal from the usual M size,going to L size makes everything sound “tinny”.Prior to writing this,Aura Evo has already gone through the burn in process for about 30 hours if that matters.They have a very natural and realistic timbre to my ears.


  • Bass on Aura Evo does have some emphasis but not overly done,i wish that the speed can be better,not that fast as evident on This Ain’t a Scene,It’s an Arms Race by Fall Out Boys,hence leading it to sound a little too much

  • Mid bass stood out in particular,however the speed isn’t that great and leads to a little muddyness on busy track

  • You can feel the rumble of the sub bass,but it is nowhere near to be labelled as basshead iem

  • Bass texture is alright,not sounding too loose nor tight

  • Bass performs alright on most of the tracks unless you are listening to some high speed tracks like metal then you might want to avoid this as the bass might not be able to keep up,and causes the bass to bleed into the mids


  • The timbre sounds correct to my ears and pleasant to listen to

  • Vocal positioning is a little recessed

  • Male vocal has good enough texture and also female’s,doesn’t sound thin at all,i personally find that the female vocal sounds more pleasant to my ears compared to male’s,a little more organic sounding perhaps?

  • Low to upper mids transition is pretty smooth and there isn’t any harshness on the upper mids


  • Treble implementation is smooth and never fatiguing

  • Doesn’t sound harsh,in fact nowhere near harsh and sibilant at all,just smooth in general

  • However i do hope that it does have a little bit more air and sparkle to kinda give a more dynamic presentation to the music

  • Detail retrieval is average and nothing to shout out about


  • Soundstage to my ears is slightly out of the head,but sounds very 2D,lacking in height hence leading it to be perceived as not that big sounding,but for Aura Evo’s asking price,it is completely acceptable,i am just nitpicking here

  • Imaging is average,instruments can be pinpointed easily on normal non complex track,it does suffer when it is playing back busy track like Slipknot’s Duality


  • Aura Evo can be driven off smartphone’s 3.5mm jack and you will get decent volume out of it

  • It does scale with better source,the improvement is evident as i switched from the 3.5mm out from phone to Questyle’s M15 and Hidizs AP80Pro-X DAP,more controlled bass and slightly better dynamics

  • Tried feeding it more power with TRI’s TK2 DAC/AMP but it doesn’t seem like it benefit much from more power

Comparison (Moondrop’s Chu)

  • Tuning on Chu is different as it is more on moondrop’s VSDF whereas Aura Evo has got a slight V profile,nothing good or bad here,it’s more of preference

  • In terms of build quality,both Aura and Chu has got a very solid build as well,but the cable on Aura is better looking and more tangle prone compared to Chu’s

  • Chu is a little hot on the upper midrange and leaner in bass

  • Chu will be a less fun sounding IEM while Aura Evo is on the fun side

  • In terms of pricing,Aura Evo is slightly pricier but offers a more fun sounding IEM with better cable

Final Thoughts

Rose Technics has gotten it right again as it did previously with QT9 MK2S.I find the Aura Evo very enjoyable and in fact you can slightly tweak it's sound signature by tip rolling and i had a lot of fun with it.Sure,it will not beat those IEM which cost several times more than it and that is fair given its asking price.For the price it is asking for,you get a solid tuned IEM with solid build quality as well as gorgeous packaging.

I have no problem recommending this to anyone who's starting out their audio journey,heck,even seasoned audiophile will enjoy this i believe.

*Aura Evo is sent over by Kareena from Linsoul F.O.C in exchange for this review.I am not under any influenced nor do i receive any compensation for this review.

Head over to Linsouls's store via the link below to grab this pair if you are interested (Non Affiliated)

Linsoul website:

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Linsoul USA Amazon Store link:

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